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Dangerous Candy: Food Product Labels Cause Allergy Concerns

Dangerous Candy: Food Product Labels Cause Allergy Concerns

Food Product Labels Misclassified Candy As Vegan

Food product labels are extremely important for many consumers with allergies to common food ingredients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently recalled Go Max Go Foods candy bars for mislabeling products as dairy-free, despite being produced on equipment shared with dairy goods. According to the FDA, the front label of the vegan bars said the candy was dairy-free when it had been cross-contaminated during production.

Recall Caused by Personalized Candy Stickers Go Max Go Foods utilized product personalized candy stickers that misrepresented its ingredients, according to the FDA. Consumers allergic to dairy, milk and nuts often seek out vegan products for safety. When a product is mislabeled, it can have severe consequences for the person's safety and health.

Nicola Sessions, parent of a child allergic to dairy products, told ABC-affiliate KGO-TV that her son could have suffered a severe reaction from eating one of the bars.

"And I read all of the ingredients and I did not see any dairy or egg," Sessions said. "He said to us, 'My mouth is burning. My mouth is on fire.'"

The recall affected seven Go Max Go Foods vegan bars.

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