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DIY Sauce Labels to Spice Up National Barbecue Month

DIY Sauce Labels to Spice Up National Barbecue Month

Make DIY Food Labels for National Barbecue Month

May is National Barbecue Month and brands can benefit from DIY food labels. Even without the designation of being the official month for barbecues, May is the perfect month to emphasize outdoor eating. In mid-spring, the weather is finally warm enough that consumers can make cookout plans without worrying it will be too chilly. Best of all, Americans love grilling. A survey from the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association found that 81 percent of Americans find it to be easier than making a typical meal, from cooking to cleaning up. From barbecue sauce to veggie burgers, the right DIY food labels can make shoppers more likely to pick up your products before heading out to the neighborhood barbecue. Don't miss out on the chance to grow sales!

Custom Food Labels Enhance Summer Fun

Encourage consumers to eat your products with custom food labels. While there are a lot of different foods that work on the grill, the perennial favorites are burgers, hot dogs and other meats. Veggie kabobs and corn can also be thrown on a grill easily with great results. Consider what products you make and think about whether you could market them for grilling. Encourage consumers to be creative with their grilling choices. You can even use nutrition as a selling point. The HPBA survey found that 70 percent of Americans think eating outdoors gets them into a healthier routine, from dietary choices to the increased activity that comes from being outside.

To Grow Warm Weather Sales, Make Personalized Food Labels

It's clear that Americans love their barbecues, but how do you make personalized food labels that will appeal to this crowd? Well, the main goal will be to emphasize that your products are perfect for the great outdoors. You can even keep the labeling consistent, but add a new colorful or metallic sticker that encourages shoppers to pick up your sauce or food item for their next cookout. If you have a larger package, you may even have room to include some recipe tips for how to cook your items for a more unique experience. The HPBA survey also indicated that many consumers use barbecues as a replacement for dining out. Almost 60 percent of adults surveyed replied that grilling was more fun and relaxing than going out to dinner. Keep this in mind and promote certain items for a fancy backyard dinner.

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