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Do Your Lip Balm Labels Stand Up to Winter?

Do Your Lip Balm Labels Stand Up to Winter?

Temperature-Resistant Labels Necessary

In the wake of one of the more legendary storms to ever strike the East Coast, manufacturers of popular winter products should be evaluating the resilience and durability of their packages and labels. Lip balm and chap stick tend to be far more commonly used around this time of year, and should distributors not properly protect the items against the elements, chances are customers will begin looking elsewhere for more reliable options.

Lip balm labels need to be able to stand up to tough, harsh winter conditions, and not all stickers will be tested against the cold rain and snow. However, putting a bit more effort into getting weather-resistant labels can go a long way toward protecting your brand image, especially in the eyes of current customers and prospects who are first seeing the items in the possession of their friends and family members.

Tough Labels for the Win

With all of the work that your marketing and product management teams put into the aesthetic value of the items your company sells, it would be a shame to not protect them against the elements. When labels and stickers start to break down due to winter weather, the products might be thrown out altogether, and your customers might begin to purchase ones that will not fade or fall apart, even when they are using the lip balm on a cold mountain peak.

You do not have to choose between a label that looks good and one that remains resilient to the conditions, though, as premium options will allow for plenty of custom designs and eye-pleasing prints while still being more durable than the rest. With the right attention to detail, the lip balm you sell will be trustworthy in the perspectives of your current and prospective clientele, and will thus be a more coveted item on store shelves.

Choose the Right Vendor

Lightning Labels is a leading provider of product labeling and sticker products, and offers custom durable options for all of your lip balm and other packaging needs. With quick returns on orders and accurate printing of the personalized designs your marketing teams dream up, you will be in the driver's seat this winter and better-positioned to excel in your marketplace.

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