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E-Cigarette Labels and Packaging

e-cigarette labels and packagingWith the e-Cigarette Industry Blooming, Branding has Never Been so Important

According to new projections from Research and Markets, the sales of e-cigarettes are showing no signs of slowing. The study found that sales are forecast to grow 24.2% annually through 2018, and is estimated to be a $1.5 billion market currently, Fortune reported.

E-Cigarettes are popular for a number of reasons. For smokers, the American Heart Association found that e-Cigarettes may actually help them cut back and quit entirely if other forms of cessation - such as nicotine patches, gum and medications - do not quite fit the bill, The Blade noted. Others prefer e-Cigarettes because they allow people to smoke indoors without damaging the room. Others prefer e-Cigarettes because second-hand smoke is not an issue because the devices emit vapor instead of puffs of harmful chemicals.

Regardless of why people smoke e-Cigarettes, the market has never been this competitive. According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 450 e-Cigarette brands in existence, as reported by Reuters, and with big tobacco companies and other firms beginning to participate, the market will only become more crowded. E-Cigarette manufacturers looking to make a name for themselves now before the market hits critical mass will need to perfect their branding.

E-Cig Labels Should be the First Step

For manufacturers looking to stick out in a sea of other e-Cigarette cartons, e-Cig labels are the perfect place to start. The cigarette industry has long been renowned for unique and eye-catching product labels, whether it's Marlboro's signature red-and-white color scheme or Camel's Joe Camel.

Likewise, e-cigarette companies will need to step up their game if they want customers to notice them in an increasingly crowded market. There are no recipes that will guarantee instant success, but effective label design often incorporates a unique color scheme, identifiable insignia or crests and other iconic pictures or characters. The goal is to create something people will recognize instantly when they look for e-cigarette equipment in a store.

Additionally, product labels need to be more than just advertising - they need to inform people of the contents and how to use e-cigarette accouterments and liquids. E-cigarette liquid in particular needs to be labeled appropriately, as there are different variations of the product. Liquid may differ in terms of purity, types, flavors and the concentration of various chemicals in these products, which is why they must be labeled appropriately so customers can purchase the liquid they want.

Produce the Right Label to Ensure Customers Get the Vapors they Want

Taste is an important part of e-cigarettes and the associated vapors, so companies need to do an adequate job of labeling their products. They should work with custom sticker and label printing companies to ensure they get the product labels that will represent their e-cigarettes in a sleek and appealing way. This will help them stand out in a crowd, regardless of how competitive the market gets.

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