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Emphasize Weight Loss Benefits to Make Your Nutraceutical Products Stand Out in 2015

Emphasize Weight Loss Benefits to Make Your Nutraceutical Products Stand Out in 2015

Nutraceutical ProductsCustom Labels Help Nutraceutical Brands Stand Out in the Crowd

Although the dietary weight-loss supplement industry may be incredibly competitive, it is not impossible for nutraceutical brands to leave their mark if they have the right custom labels.

According to Today's Dietitian, American consumers spent as much as $30 billion on dietary supplements in 2011, particularly products that promised to help them lose weight. In fact, approximately one-third of people making serious attempts to lose weight have turned to various supplements to help them achieve their goals. These products are particularly popular among young Americans, which makes the supplement market a lucrative venture for many companies.

Reaching the Right Audience with Weight Loss Product Labels

As nutraceutical brands look to corner the market with dietary products, they need to pay special attention to their weight loss product labels. Some people approach supplements, vitamins and other dietary products with a healthy degree of skepticism, as there have been numerous reports of some weight loss brands not delivering on their claims.

This is for good reason - regulations regarding dietary supplements are actually significantly less strict compared to advertising standards for actual medications. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration can establish ingredient list regulations, overall, the organization has significantly less authority than many consumer advocates would prefer, Today's Dietician added.

Product quality is definitely of the utmost importance for engaging new prospects successfully, but at the same time, having a well-designed product label can also go a long way with establishing a brand as a credible entity. Poorly created labels that wrinkle, peel or just are not designed well may only serve to reinforce customers' skepticism of a particular product.

Nutraceutical Labeling for Up and Coming Companies

Nutraceutical labeling is vital for delivering a great first impression with customers. Given the fervor around the national obesity crisis and the interest among young consumers with disposable incomes, the weight-loss market is a great avenue for any business to check out.

As companies look to get into this market, they need to establish themselves as credible brands that manufacture quality products. Companies often spend a lot of time producing effective supplements, so it would be in their best interests to also invest in quality labels that will help their goods stand out in shelves and really pique the interest of prospects.

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