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Our Exclusive Gold Poly Material Will Give Your Labels A Premium Look

Our Exclusive Gold Poly Material Will Give Your Labels A Premium LookUse Premium Labels to Go for the Gold

Whether you're eager to infuse a sense of luxury into your line of custom bath and body products or simply want to make your wine bottles stand out from the others sharing the shelf, adding a little extra elegance with premium labels can go a long way. Even a small splash of gold adds a touch of class and an innate sense of quality that will quickly make your offerings seem more appealing to consumers, especially in light of the fact that gold comes with such positive associations.

Gold Poly Labels Present A Golden Opportunity

Gold is synonymous with concepts like royalty, opulence and prosperity, so it makes sense that gold poly labels would invite the same mental connections on the part of the customer. Think about it: When a kid does a great job in school, he or she gets a gold star, and when someone wins first place in a competition, the accolade comes with a gold medal. In short, shoppers are hard-wired to respond favorably to gold and its majestic associations. If you want to make your products seem desirable and even present them as rewards for consumers looking to treat themselves, there's no better approach than incorporating some gold into your stickers and labels.

Why Use Custom Gold Poly Labels from Lightning Labels?

The material we use to make our custom gold poly labels is unique to Lightning Labels. It is suitable for most labeling applications and needs to be laminated to ensure its regal, metalized finish stays crisp and bright. Select a glossy laminate for some added shine, or go to the matte for a more understated sense of class.

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