Biostone Labels

One of our eco-friendly options that is actually made of stone—no trees are used. This label material should not be laminated.

Cast Gloss Labels

Cast Gloss labels are specially designed for the wine industry. It is paper-based with a high-gloss white finish. Same adhesive and liner as Estate #9.

Chrome (Silver) BOPP Labels

Chrome BOPP label material has the same water and oil-resistant properties as our White BOPP and Clear BOPP, but has the “mirror-like” look of shiny chrome.

Classic Crest Labels

Best suited for wine labels, Classic Crest Labels are made with white paper stock with a dull matte finish. Classic Crest Labels are not suitable for lamination and is therefore not water-resistant. Same adhesive and liner as Estate #9.

Clear BOPP Labels

Clear BOPP labels are a clear version of the Polypropylene (BOPP) material. It has the same water-resistant qualities as the White BOPP. Clear BOPP Labels provide more of a “no label” look and is also suitable for window stickers (where reverse printing of the image allows the label to be applied to the inside of a glass window and be viewed from the outside).

Estate #9 Paper Labels

This is a great option for wine labels, gourmet foods or applications where a textured finish is desired. Being a paper stock, Estate #9 paper labels are not as water-resistant or durable as BOPP, but its light cream color and textured feel add a touch of the “unusual” to the right product. It features a special adhesive (removable in 100+ degree hot water) and a stronger liner particularly suited to machine application. Not suitable for lamination.

Gold Polyester (Metalized) Labels

Gold Polyester label materials will make your labels shine! Suitable for most labeling applications, it has a strong adhesive backing and must be laminated. Choose glossy laminate to make your label designs pop, or matte for a unique, elegant look.

Kraft (Recycled) Labels

Kraft Labels are recycled 100% with post-consumer waste material. It is a 55# paper material that is a wonderful option if an “earthy” appearance is desired. The stronger liner is well suited for machine application. Depending upon face, substrate, water temperature and dwell time, label may be removed in hot water. It is not suitable for lamination; therefore, it is not water or oil resistant.

Lip Balm Label Material

Made specifically for lip balm products and available in white BOPP, clear BOPP and chrome BOPP with an aggressive adhesive to maintain a tight hold on products. This material is water and oil-resistant and won’t crease or smudge.

Removable White BOPP Labels

Removable white BOPP label material is the same as our standard BOPP, but has a special, “less aggressive” adhesive designed to allow the label to be removed or re-positioned after application. Depending on the surface it will be applied to, customer testing is strongly recommended. We can provide label samples for this purpose.

Satin Cloth Labels

Our woven satin acetate cloth labels are ideal for wine or spirit labels! Our satin cloth label material will make your product packaging POP. The stronger liner is well suited for machine application. Depending upon face, substrate, water temperature and dwell time, label may be removed in hot water.

Squeezable Label Material

A white, 3mil film that is better suited for squeezable applications. Squeezable label materials have proven to work well in a variety of applications, so you can be confident it will perform well for you.

Vellum (Recycled) Labels

A great “green” choice, Vellum label 60# is 100% recycled with 100% post-consumer waste material. Vellum recycled labels cannot be laminated. Is neither water nor oil-resistant. The stronger liner is well suited for machine application. Depending upon face, substrate, water temperature and dwell time, label may be removed in hot water.

White BOPP Labels

White BOPP labels are our most commonly used material and is suitable for most applications. White BOPP labels are made with polypropylene material and have a permanent adhesive. It is impervious to water and oils, and is particularly suitable for bath and body products, as well as food and beverage products.

White Earthfirst PLA

A more environmentally friendly alternative to White BOPP. The PLA stands for Polylactic Acid (a biopolymer made from corn rather than petrochemicals). Similar look and feel to BOPP and suitable for most applications, but should not be used directly on candle containers.

White Flexible Vinyl Labels

White Flexible Vinyl labels are our most substantial material. The vinyl is thicker than BOPP, and is most suitable for outdoor applications where greater strength and durability are needed, or where lengthy exposure to the elements is an issue.

Window Decal (Clear/Ultra-Removable)

We offer this window decal option as an alternative to static cling. The face stock is clear with excellent clarity. The adhesive is an ultra-removable featuring excellent weatherability and UV resistance. It removes cleanly from a wide variety of substrates without staining or ghosting. Why worry about static clings staying on when you can have removable adhesive there to hold it in place?


High Gloss

High gloss is our most popular laminate. It is the least expensive option and provides protection for the label and a high gloss shiny finish.


The Matte Laminate provides your label with a dull, non-glossy finish. Some customers consider this achieves a more "natural" look.

Thermal Transfer

This is a gloss laminate that is designed to work with most over-printing thermal transfer printers. We do recommend you get samples first to test through your own printer before placing an order with this laminate.

UV Outdoor Gloss

As the name implies this is best used for labels that will be used outdoors. It has a high gloss finish with excellent UV resistance. It is best paired with our vinyl material for the most durable outdoor label.