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Farmers Use Custom Stickers to Promote Wares | Lightning Labels

Farmers Use Custom Stickers to Promote Wares

Using Custom Stickers Attracts Customers to Farm Stand Products Many local farmers are discovering that using custom stickers can help increase consumer trust in market environments. Vendors at farmers markets and other direct sales environments can benefit from the use of customized stickers on homegrown fruits and vegetables. These small labels can be a valuable form of branding, making the name of a farm more memorable for consumers. An article from Michigan State University Extension suggests adding small stickers with a farm logo or Web address to entice shoppers. It can be hard keeping up with larger farming organizations, but the right promotional strategies can make the difference.

Product Stickers Help Local Farmers Promote Homegrown Foods There are many ways to use product stickers. Whether farmers distribute their produce in local stores or are selling it at a market or road-side venue, adding some cost-effective stickers to fruits and veggies can make them stand out. California-based Ocean Mist Farms uses stickers to attract attention to heirloom varieties of artichokes in local grocery stores, according to a news release from the farm. This particular variety of artichoke dates back to the earliest days of the farm in the mid-1920s.

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