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Filipinos Should Use Their Head When It Comes To Helmet Sticker Labels

Filipinos Should Use Their Head When It Comes To Helmet Sticker Labels

Government Warns Against False Sticker Labels

Sticker labels are often used to ensure product safety. That feature is especially important to motorcyclists who need to wear helmets when riding their choppers. Recently, the Philippine government urged motorcycle riders to ensure the helmets they buy have headwear bearing official stickers with the Philippine Standard mark of the Imported Commodity Clearance (ICC) sticker.

The move was in part a reaction to what the government said were instances of motorists buying false stickers in order to avoid penalties that would be levied if they were found to ride wearing a helmet that had no stickers.

Custom Stickers Required Under New Law The emphasis on helmet custom stickers is part of a new law enforced with the start of 2013. The Motorcycle Helmet Act went into effect with the new year and stipulates riders without standard protective helmets and the requisite stickers would face increasing fines with every offense, even resulting in arrest and driver's license suspension.

Local news sources report Philippine officials have ramped up enforcement because of low sticker adoption rates among motorcyclists. Many did not acquire stickers until after the deadline, if at all, and the government has reacted by significantly enhancing enforcement efforts.

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