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For Sabor Mexicano, trying leads to buying 80% of the time

For Sabor Mexicano, trying leads to buying 80% of the time

Sabor-Mexicano-Salsa-TradicionalChip and salsa maker opts for massive quality over mass production

The Sabor Mexicano name traces to 1990, when Jorge Saldana opened the Cancun Sabor Mexicano restaurant in Berkeley. Cancun quickly became popular for cooking authentic Mexican food focused on quality ingredients.

In 2010, Sabor Mexicano Foods began selling chips and salsas at local farmers’ markets, then used store demos as a primary marketing tool once they began retail store sales in such establishments as Safeway, Whole Foods and other natural-food centers. Notes principal Eric Munguia Saldana, “We realized that when a customer tried our chips and salsa, 80% of the time they buy.”

Eric attributes success to taking the time “to create a product that is tasty and healthy. We grow our own tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and garlic in-season at our farm in Sonoma County, and buy local and organic off-season. We use the boiling water method to seal salsas—very time consuming, but we get a six-month shelf life naturally without adding vinegar, lime or preservatives.”

Relationship with Lightning Labels, the Custom Product Label Specialist

Presentation is key to product appeal, according to Eric. He emphasizes that his company took “the time to really create a nice label that would appeal to the customer. We found that Lightning Labels offered a wide range of label materials, which is where we found the perfect material.”

He adds, “When we first started in 2010, I had a lot of difficulty finding a company that did not have huge minimum order requirements. With other companies I had very bad experiences. Labels would arrive late or be printed incorrectly. I had to call or drive to a location to order. Lightning Labels simplified everything for me, which helped me focus on other things. And there are no minimum order requirements.”

Looking forward

Eric says Sabor Mexicano Foods plans to expand to the Los Angeles area along with growing the product list in 2016, “now that Lightning Labels will be there to support us.”

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