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Order Custom Stickers to Celebrate National Sticker Day!

Order Custom Stickers to Celebrate National Sticker Day!

Order Custom Stickers to Celebrate National Sticker Day!


January 13 is National Sticker Day

Who doesn't like a good sticker? Whether it is meant to display a political leaning via a bumper sticker, or show support of a cause on a backpack or other accessory, a well-designed sticker can be a great way to spice up a range of items. Since January 13 is National Sticker Day, the time is now to get moving on projects related to custom stickers that will be distributed to consumers and others ahead of the event, thus boosting brand awareness in the process.

Aligning the brand with major events - especially those that give clear and definitive opportunities to get the image of a company out into the public - should always be a point of focus for marketers, sales teams and project managers. With customized stickers that have catchy designs, a mention of National Sticker Day and some tie-in to the targeted product, businesses can achieve that desirable alignment on January 13.

Custom Product Stickers

Many organizations already have extensive product packaging and marketing strategies in place that bring together stickers, labels and more, but some will not go the extra step to personalize and customize their items. With outdated, stale or less-than-interesting designs, chances are that these projects will simply not come back with the returns and outcomes business leaders expect from their investments of time and money.

For National Sticker Day, marketers can think outside the box a bit, not necessarily only focusing their efforts on the creation and implementation of custom product stickers, but rather ones that will get a bit more visibility in more areas. This is not to say that custom stickers are not a good idea for all products on the shelves, but rather that this particular event will be most advantageous when the branding items are distributed to many customers.

Alternative Ideas

For National Sticker Day, companies can consider using the opportunity and exposure to align their brands with specific philanthropic activities or nonprofits with which they associate throughout the year. This can serve the dual purpose of getting the word out about the brand and the cause, while using the event as a platform of sorts to expand visibility and the corporate footprint.

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