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Frozen Pretzel Dog Sales Iced as Product is Recalled

Frozen Pretzel Dog Sales Iced as Product is Recalled

Incorrect Custom Labels May Result in Product Recalls City Line Foods, a Pennsylvania-based food brand, is being forced to recall more than 1 million pounds of product after it was discovered the custom labels did not make note of a specific allergen contained in the ingredients.

MCall reported the Food and Drug Administration recalled the product on Saturday as it contained soy lecithin, an allergen not listed on the packaging's ingredients label. More than 1 million pounds of product, dated as far back as Feb. 14, 2014, will be taken back by the brand. City Line Foods products span popular brands, such as Auntie Anne's All Beef Classic Pretzel Dogs to Nathan's Famous Pretzel Dogs.

As Chris Kresser explained, soy lecithin is an additive found in many products in the food supply, ranging from salad dressings to tea bags. However, it can trigger an allergic reaction in some people, which is why companies using soy lecithin must disclose it in the ingredient lists featured on packaging and labels.

Accurate Custom Labels Prevent Damaging Recalls Product recalls due to errors on packaging labels can be particularly costly. In this specific instance, the recall may even have a negative impact on Auntie Anne's pretzel stores, commonly found in malls, airports and other venues worldwide, even though products sold at these venues have accurate labels. People may hear about the recall and avoid these products in the future.

Executing a product recall can be a costly endeavor, as it requires the manufacturer to replace the good and may even hold them responsible for any damage caused by the recalled good. This is why it is crucial that brands work with a trustable custom label printing company as they produce their goods, as it may help them avoid such recalls.

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