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GMO Labeling Is a Hot Button Issue | Lightning Labels Food Labels

GMO Labeling Is a Hot Button Issue

Food Industry Strives for Voluntary GMO Labeling
In light of national consumer interest in genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the food industry is advocating a new plan for GMO labeling in food products. Many states are introducing legislation that would impose labeling requirements for ingredients that are genetically modified. For instance, Arizona is considering an initiative that will require food companies to indicate GMOs in packaging. The same bill would also require producers to demonstrate if animals had been fed GMO ingredients, the Arizona Daily Sun reported. There is little science that proves GMOs are unsafe, according to Label & Narrow Web. However, consumers want to know what is in the food they are consuming.

Industry Leaders Question Food Label Requirements
The state by state potential food label requirements are controversial, which is why food companies are proposing voluntary GMO labeling as an alternative. The Grocery Manufacturers Association, in partnership with 28 farm and food industry groups are pushing for legislation that would give companies a choice about whether to reveal modified ingredients or not. Other participants include the National Restaurant Association and National Beverage Association. The groups are advocating for the Food and Drug Administration to test the safety of GMOs, which has so far found no risks involved with these ingredients.

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