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Green Vibes: Marketing to Eco-Conscious Consumers With Sustainable Labeling

Green Vibes: Marketing to Eco-Conscious Consumers With Sustainable Labeling

Use the Right Materials When Marketing to Eco-Conscious Consumers

When you're marketing to eco-conscious consumers, you have to make sure you use earth-friendly packaging materials, such as Lightning Labels' stone paper labels. Back up your commitment to green initiatives by using environmentally sound packaging, such as recyclable or post-consumer waste materials. Earth-conscious shoppers will be on the look out for products that have green packaging in addition to a product that is environmentally friendly. Lightning Labels provides a variety of different options for companies that wish to use more sustainable packaging. Depending on the needs or interests of your brand, Lightning Labels offers a suitable solution. Companies can use eco-product packaging and still have items that look great. For instance, our EarthFirst PLA is made to look and feel similar to White BOPP, while Kraft has a unique earthy appearance that is sure to appeal to some consumers.

Use Sustainable Labeling to Tell Your Brand's Story

While using the right materials is important, there's more to eco-friendly marketing than just sustainable labeling. Environmentally conscious consumers really engage with a brand's identity, and a big part of that is the story that lead them to create the product in the first place. Before creating a labeling strategy, your company should draft a mission statement or a story that succinctly demonstrates why you decided to start distributing your product. What niche are you filling with your green products, and why do you feel it's necessary to do so? Write out a short passage that demonstrates both your commitment to the environment and your company's mission. This will get your customers interested in your company, not just its products.

Eco-Product Packaging Sends the Right Message

Companies that make green products can use the space on eco-product packaging to have promotions or raise awareness for environmental issues. If you create engaging eco-friendly custom labels that educate customers, they are more likely to return to your items, particularly if you provide new information every so often. Whether you have a specific environmental focus, like an interest in green energy or you just generally hope to reduce your company's impact, you can include helpful facts and tips on product packaging that keep shoppers interested. A lot of businesses also use this space to direct customers to an online presence where they talk more in depth about the issues that concern them. You can also inform consumers of a promotion. For instance, you can create an initiative where a certain percentage of profits from one item goes to a specific nonprofit organization.

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