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Hope Springs Eternal When Creating Botanical Skin Tonics

Hope Springs Eternal When Creating Botanical Skin Tonics

EarthTonics founder Daron Hope spearheads crafting of small-batch skincare products from pure, organic and wild-harvested ingredients

Small-batch products are gaining popularity in many industries. A dedicated and experienced EarthTonics team has brought the concept to skincare, promoting “botanical skin tonics [that] are pure Nature in every drop… Created by Holistic Aesthetician and skincare chef, Daron Hope, our products are handcrafted in small batches from pure, organic & wild-harvested ingredients.”

The concept is simple: Make a quality product that nourishes and enhances skin quality. Notes the EarthTonics website, “‘When we feed our skin with whole-plant nutrients, we provide the necessary building blocks for repair,  resilience and vitality. The skin balances and glows with wellness.’”

Daron founded EarthTonics in 2008, nurtured by her passion for herbal skincare. In 2013, she opened the EarthTonics Spa. Bestselling products include Botanical Toning Mist, Honey & Bamboo Facial Scrub, Repair Cream Concentrate and their newest offering, a unique serum formulation called the Immortelle Mushroom Mylk. Daron points out, “This lightweight tonic feature five medicinal mushrooms, blended with potent healing herbs to plump, moisturize and even skin tone. It’s a completely plant-powered product with zero chemicals…our clients and customers are blown away by the results they’re seeing!”

Daron says that two new “superfood facial mask” products are on tap for 2019, adding, “We’re looking forward to offering customers everywhere what was formerly only available to our in-spa clientele. These formulations will feature rare and incredibly nutrient dense herbs— one for clarifying problematic skin and one for illuminating hydration.”

Switch from in-house to Lightning Labels reinforces high-end product appeal—sales double first month! EarthTonics recently switched from in-house skincare labels to working with Lightning Labels for their custom skincare label needs. Daron lauds the move, emphasizing, “We’re so happy with our new skincare labels. We finally feel our packaging reflects the beauty, luxury and integrity of the products inside. The vibrant colors against the dark background catch the eye. Our customers love the design so much they re-use our bottles and jars to store precious keepsakes or fresh flowers! Our sales doubled the month we launched our new skincare label designs.”

Skincare Labels - Durability complements good looks She also applauds the skincare label durability, pointing out that “our in-house printed skincare labels were not durable (even though they were ‘waterproof’) and over time the text and artwork would rub off, which equates to customers feeling a product is less than fresh, even if it is. It also made us hesitant to seek out wholesale accounts, as we wanted our products to be able to be handled without a problem. It can be difficult as a small business, when your focus is on the integrity of your product, what’s INSIDE the bottle. You don’t realize it’s important to present as beautifully and artfully as possible.”

Relationship with Lightning Labels, the custom skincare label digital printing specialist Daron compliments the customer service commitment and responsiveness. She notes, “Lightning Labels was a joy to work with from start to finish. When other skincare label printers couldn’t be bothered to even give me a quote, Merle called me within 10 minutes of my email inquiry and had a detailed quote for each of my labels (there were A LOT of them) within 48 hours. The customer service was great, and the skincare labels were everything we wanted. I would recommend them to any business, small or large.”

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