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How Custom Labels Can Make Christmas More Affordable

How Custom Labels Can Make Christmas More Affordable

Custom labels can help make holiday shopping more affordable.

Using Custom Labels to Manage Holiday Spending

With Christmas quickly approaching, people are beginning to scramble to finish their holiday shopping and think of last minute gift ideas. This time of year can be both stressful and expensive.

The National Retail Federation recently reported that consumers plan to spend around $800 on items related to the holidays. That's a lot of money, especially for those on a tight budget.

Furthermore, sometimes people spend a considerable amount of money on presents, even when they aren't entirely sure they are purchasing the right items that their family or loved one will be pleased to receive. This alone can cause unneeded worry.

Retail Me Not revealed that 64 percent of consumers consider the cost of purchasing gifts to be the main stressor of the holiday season. And it's not just purchasing these goods that can be problematic for people; it's overwhelming even picking them out. The source also found that at least 41 percent of shoppers worry about finding the appropriate gift, Fountain of 30 noted.

Everyone has certain people that seem to be particularly difficult to shop for. A poll conducted by Catalina Marketing found that people are becoming more selective about what items they want to receive and that shopping for a person known to be fickle can result in the shopper feeling discouraged and opting for a slightly impersonal or generic present, such as a gift certificate or cash.

Fortunately, there are ways to nail the season of giving without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out.

Versatile Labeling Options If you can't find what you're looking for, why not create it yourself? Custom labels have the power to transform a bland gift into a personalized present, without looking like an amateur craft project.

Tailor-made labels allow consumers to take a product, such as a bottle of wine, or create one themselves, such as homemade jelly or baked goods, and add a personal touch. The labels used for food items can be customized to include important information, such as recipes, ingredient lists and nutrition facts on the product labels.

Between all the holiday parties and gift exchanges, you may be facing the need to produce more goods than you have ideas. Custom product labels make creative production easy.

These types of labels allow gift-givers the leverage of optimizing generic holiday party offerings, such as a case of beer or bottles of wine, with engaging and unique aesthetics. In addition to virtually unlimited styling and print options, people can also order them by the batch to make checking presents off the list that much easier.

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