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Increase Sales at Farmers Markets and Fairs this Summer with Custom Candle Labels

Increase Sales at Farmers Markets and Fairs this Summer with Custom Candle Labels

Custom Candle Labels Can Make Products Stand Out During Farmers Market Season

Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is encouraging manufacturers to boost their marketing tactics this summer with custom candle labels, which will make products dazzle at farmers markets and elsewhere this season.

Summer is officially here, and that means it's prime time for festivals, art shows and farmers markets in particular, as warm weather brings high demand for produce and handmade goods. As consumers across the country fill their summer schedules with visits to these shopping events to seek out new products, candle manufacturers can get ahead of the competition by embellishing their items with custom labels.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, farmers markets have been growing in numbers across the country for the past two decades. In 2012, the agency listed 7,864 farmers markets in its directory, up nearly 10 percent from the number registered the year before. These events present a great opportunity for candlemakers, as they help businesses introduce themselves to new consumers, test products, bond with loyal followers and establish themselves within the community.

"Candle manufacturers planning to showcase products at farmers markets this summer have a busy season ahead of them," said AnneMarie Campbell, Business Development Manager at Lightning Labels. "Businesses that want to attract passersby at these markets will have to ensure their product packaging is appealing and unique. Lightning Labels can help candlemakers give their products the look they deserve with high-quality, durable custom candle labels."

Professional Candle Labels Are a Smart Way to Boost Brand Marketing With such a busy season ahead, businesses shouldn't delay ordering professional candle labels that flaunt their products' qualities at farmers markets. Here are two reasons why custom labels for candles are a smart way to jump-start branding efforts:

1. Quality Labels for Candles Can Withstand the Heat Candlemakers are well aware that containers and labels for their products need to be flame-resistant, above all else. Lightning Labels' labels for candles are created to withstand heat and maintain an untarnished appearance. They aren't just safe - they're attractive too!

2. High-Quality Digital Printing Can Make Candle Labels Dazzle: While farmers markets are a great way to interact with target audiences, businesses often have dozens of stands to compete with for shoppers' attention. Lightning Labels' digital printing techniques create full-color, highly detailed labels that embody the manufacturer's brand and command attention.

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