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It's UV Safety Month: Remind Customers to Stay Safe in the Sun

It's UV Safety Month: Remind Customers to Stay Safe in the Sun

Help Your Customers Protect Themselves From The Sun This Year

July is UV Safety Month, and if your products include sunscreen, lip balm or sunglasses, it's a great time to boost awareness of both the dangers of inadequate UV protection and the part your offerings can play in protecting consumers. The risk of melanoma - skin cancer - is the most well-known problem with prolonged exposure to UV rays but, as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is quick to remind individuals - there are a litany of other ailments to watch out for.

Products and Cause Work Together

Employing custom labels on items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm during July is a double win. Promoting the HHS mission of keeping people safe can also paint your brand in a good light. You're looking out for shoppers and helping them pick products that will protect them while they enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Sunscreen labels can remind people that it's recommended that they apply SPF 15 or greater to their skin at regular intervals during the day to guard against sunburn and the negative health effects that can come along. This is a relevant message at all times, but the specially dedicated month is a great chance for a signal boost.

Sunscreen isn't the only type of product that can receive such specialized tags and stickers. Lip balm labels can urge individuals to keep their lips well protected this summer, too, and stickers on sunglasses may be a good place to put HHS warnings about eye exposure to UV rays. The department cited CDC data that suggests that people going outdoors should wear glare-blocking sunglasses that wrap around their eyes and have a UV block number of 99 or higher. If your offerings fit those specifications, July is a great time to say so, using the month to promote the product and vice versa.

The sun is blazing away in July, making this time of year a natural fit for promoting UV-defense products. By seizing the moment and turning out visually striking sunscreen stickers and other labels, your brand can become part of UV Safety Month. Of course, you'll have to act quickly to make this happen, while not forgetting to focus on the visual design of the stickers.

The Perfect Label for the Occasion

What does an ideal label for UV Safety Month look like? If the item in question is sunglasses, the label will likely come off once the glasses leave the store, and a standard label should be fine - but what about sunscreen or lip balm labels? They should be tough, keeping your brand imagery and the important health and safety message visible and legible even as the bottles and tubes are carried around and used all summer long. Working with a custom label provider with experience crafting stickers and labels for these products can help keep quality high. In addition to that toughness and fit, fast service is of the essence. The summer is passing by, and the time to give important safety messages to consumers is now. Working with Lightning Labels, a brand whose speed lives up to its name, is therefore a great idea.

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