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January is National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea MonthCelebrate Hot Tea Month with Custom Labels

Is there anything quite as relaxing as a cup of hot tea at the end of a long day's work, or even before setting out to begin the weekday grind? Many Americans appear to think not, and January marks the annual National Hot Tea Month. If you manufacture or distribute hot tea, now is a great time to create high-quality custom labels for your products to engage current and prospective clientele and build a bit more loyalty for your brand.

Tea labels, much like those that are placed on micro-brewed beers, will often be a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions, and the right designs can go a long way toward differentiating your products from those of competitors. custom labels are always a great tool to get the job done in this regard, and by using them for your hot tea products, you will be setting yourself up for success.

Ride the Wave

Any time there is a national event that is relevant to your products, you should view it as an opportunity to support your industry, reach more clientele and ride the wave of public awareness. Seeing as January is indeed a month in which tea lovers and manufacturers observe these products, you have a nice window to celebrate the event and ensure that you are reaching as many potential customers as possible to fuel your revenues.

Tea product labels will often be pretty bare-bones, with little more than the name of the flavor and the ingredients contained within the product. This can work for simple in-store sales, but should not be viewed as a marketing and branding scheme. Rather, customized labels will allow you to take care of the basics such as the name of ingredients, but also add a bit of flair to the items for greater visibility on the shelves.

Act Now

January is nearing its end, and while individuals will surely be drinking tea come February and beyond, now is the best time to get moving on custom designed labels for your products. Because you will likely need a very quick fulfillment of orders and assurance that the designs are printed as expected, consider leveraging the support and services of Lightning Labels, which is a leader in this field, today.

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