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Kick off Autumn Craft Fair Season with Custom Labels

Kick off Autumn Craft Fair Season with Custom Labels

Kick off Autumn Craft Fair Season with Custom LabelsGet Ready for Fall Craft Fairs with Customized Labels

There's a lot to love about fall. Pumpkin-flavored everything, leaves changing color before falling off trees, the heat of the summer slowly giving way to the crisp air and slight chill that constitute what the kids call "hoodie weather" and, of course, craft fairs.

Kick off autumn craft fair season in style with customized labels to help make your handmade wares pop. At even the smallest of local craft fairs, competition can get fierce, with artwork, jewelry and assorted tools and trinkets everywhere you look. Give yourself every advantage in terms of standing out from the crowd by making sure your stickers and labels are eye-catching and unique - just like your products.

What Goes Into Designing the Perfect Craft Fair Labels?

Handmade products are much different from the mass-produced items that line the shelves of retail and grocery stores, but craft fair labels have a lot in common with the packaging deployed by big-box brands. For instance, edible items need nutrition panels, bath and body products should come with ingredient lists and directions for use and, as any good small-business owner knows, the company logo should be front and center.

In addition to the contents of craft product labels, sellers should also pay attention to the labels themselves: What material should they be made from? Could they benefit from a particular finish or laminate? What size and shape best fits the product? Do several different designs need to be ordered, or will one suffice? In short, although preparing labels may not seem like a major part of getting ready for a craft fair, there are a lot of important questions to be answered - and these could affect key aspects like sales numbers and the reputation of the business.

Why Choose Lightning Labels for Craft Fair Products?

Lightning Labels understands that when it comes to labels for craft fair products, the smallest decisions can have the biggest impact. Craft fair attendees are big on customization and personalization, so the labels and stickers on wares should reflect this. Lightning Labels offers an impressive array of materials, finishes and laminates, ranging from our durable BOPP labels to our eco-friendly Kraft and Recycled Vellum labels, and even the paper-free BioStone. Shore up products' ability to weather the elements with our UV outdoor gloss, and select water and heat resistant options for candles and bath and body products, respectively. Whatever your craft fair labeling needs, Lightning Labels is here for you.

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