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Labeling for Gift Giving: Labeling Candles and Soap as Gifts


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Labeling for Gift Giving: Labeling Candles and Soap as Gifts

Custom Candle LabelsSpring Is the Time to Start Labeling for Gifts

When labeling for gifts this spring, be sure to appeal to the gift buyer, not just the recipient. While you have to keep the final consumer in mind during the packaging design process, it's important to remember who will actually be purchasing products intended as gifts. To make sure your products appear to be good choices for presents, you may have to call attention to various holidays on the label. A lot of gift-giving takes place in the spring months, so making soap stickers and custom candle labels could be a smart way to grow sales. Remember Father's and Mother's Day are coming up, as well as graduations and all kinds of other spring events, including birthdays and anniversaries.

Always Consider Labeling Candles for Gifts

Labeling candles for gifts is never a bad idea because these are the most versatile presents of all. No matter what the occasion, a candle is an appropriate gift. People are often in the position of attending a party for someone they don't know all that well. They may want to bring a gift to express their thanks for being invited. A candle is a good option because it creates a nice ambiance that can be enjoyed by everyone. Indicate on the label space that candles could be an excellent choice for a graduation or birthday present. While shoppers may be more familiar with their parents' interests, a candle is also a great addition to a Mother's or Father's Day gift bag. Just remember - a nice label can help shoppers consider your product for a gift when they may not ordinarily do so. Better yet, you may remind them of an important event that have forgotten to start shopping for.

Start Labeling Soap for Gifts In the Spring

Labeling soap for gifts is a smart business strategy as well. Custom candle labels are a good idea, but soap is another desirable spring gift. Fragrant products like candles, soaps and body products are a nice idea this time of year, because the air will soon be filled with the scents of spring. Floral aromas are always some of the most desirable for these items, so spring is an ideal time to market these scents. Soap is a fantastic gift idea because it's something everyone uses. For men, you may want to tone down the florals and go for something more spicy, but there's no reason not to promote soap as a gift for Father's Day or for graduation.

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