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Labels Used to Generate Environmental Awareness

Labels Used to Generate Environmental Awareness

Custom Stickers can Promote Green Behaviors
Commissioners in Berkeley, California, are trying to promote environmental awareness by sticking cautionary custom stickers on gas pumps, The Daily Californian reported.

The city's Community Environment Advisory Commission moved forward with the plan to place the labels at all Berkeley gas stations. The goal of the initiative is to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas released by automobiles and linked to global warming and climate change.

Encouraging People to Rethink their Ways with Custom Stickers
According to Max Gomberg, chair of the commission, the labels are designed as gentle reminders that people's everyday actions may have a negative impact on the global environment.

"We already require cigarette packs to include warning labels," said Matthew Lewis, a UC Berkeley sophomore and co-chair of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability, in an email to the news source. "Requiring labels at gas pumps would similarly keep the harm of burning gasoline fresh in people's minds."

Labels can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from promotional tools to messaging platforms. Companies looking to spread a message throughout the office or other places may want to consider labels to do so.

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