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Winter is Fast Approaching; Are Your Lip Balm Labels Ready?

Winter is Fast Approaching; Are Your Lip Balm Labels Ready?

While chapped lips are an annoying problem people deal with year-round, the cold winds of winter make lip balm especially important. If your brand produces these products, the vital nature of the months ahead are obvious: Since a significant percentage of your annual sales will probably come from December through March, it's a great time to ensure your offerings look their best.

As with any health and beauty product, packaging plays a large role in determining how your brand's items will appear to consumers. People who don't already have a favorite lip balm producer or have strong feelings regarding kinds they've used in the past have a quick choice to make in store aisles. Will they pick your products?

Optimize Your Lip Balm Labels

Redesigning lip balm tube labels may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when it's time to promote your items. It's easy to assume that last year's look will be fine this year, as well. However, close inspection may reveal that something about the current version could stand to be upgraded. From the color pallette chosen to the imagery or even the material and finishing method, numerous characteristics of tube labels impact their appeal to shoppers.

Pictures of winter scenes could remind buyers about the blustery winds threatening to dry out their lips. Your brand's logo in a seasonal color scheme could make a similar point. If your tube labels have a high enough print resolution, you can also work with text - even on the small surface of a lip balm package, there's enough room for some helpful marketing copy.

There's Still Time to Act

While it may seem like it's too late to make meaningful changes for product packaging, with the official onset of winter coming quickly, working with a fast and responsive labeling partner can help you debut lip balm product labels just as the snow starts coming down. Lightning Labels is such a partner, using all-digital print processes for radically low turnaround times.

Lightning Labels can provide the custom lip balm labels that will improve your brand's appeal, with features that suit these items in particular. For instance, fold-out extended content labels allow you to include more text than a standard package. Furthermore, the labels can include full or partial safety seals that indicate when the tube has been opened. These features are great ways to comply with industry safety and disclosure regulations while ensuring your lip balm looks great.

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