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What Product Labels Work Best for Your Company?

What Product Labels Work Best for Your Company?

The question of which material creates the best possible labels is complicated by the fact that each type of item has unique traits. Based on a product's uses, its target audience and the emotional impression the manufacturer wants to convey, the ideal material could be one of any number of options. Lightning Labels understands companies will each have preferences regarding label materials and offers several possibilities.

The following descriptions suggest a few different industries that will make good use of particular materials. While there isn't space to list every manufacturing industry imaginable, each will have its own ideal label material.

Lip Balm Labels

Lip balm products, with their compact size and tubular shape, need a tough and flexible label material. Lightning Labels offers a BOPP label material specifically designed for these items. It comes in white, which accepts printed imagery in bold colors, as well as a striking clear option and shining chrome. A niche market calls for specialized materials.

Wine and Spirits Labels

In the world of wine labels, brands want to make a strong impression on the public, and the right label material can accomplish that goal. Lightning Labels offers multiple options that fit this role perfectly, such as Classic Crest labels, which have a dull matte finish. While Classic Crest matte labels are good for brands looking for modern appeal, Estate #9 labels deliver a more textured, classic feel that evokes gourmet dining.

Earth-friendly Product Labels

Brands that want to truly tout their commitment to environmental issues can get a win with one of Lightning Labels' green label options. Biostone labels are great for any company that wants to make a difference in fighting deforestation: The material is derived from stone rather than trees. Recycled Kraft labels make another great choice. With 100 percent post-consumer content, these labels are great for any brand that wants to demonstrate responsibility while cultivating an "earthy" image.

Squeeze Bottles Labels

Products in squeeze bottles have a specific need: Their labels must stay in place and still be readable after the item is squeezed over and over to access its contents. Aware of this challenge, Lightning Labels a 3-millimeter film specifically designed to hold up under the tough treatment given to squeeze bottles.

Lightning Labels offers more label materials than those described above, from versatile polymers to textural cloth and removable options. For every possible packaging need today, there is a label that can help, and Lightning Labels can help companies find their match. Combine this variety with high print quality and short turnaround times, and manufacturers can easily upgrade their visual appeal.

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