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Make Lotion Labels | Design Lotion Labels for Winter

Make Lotion Labels | Design Lotion Labels for Winter

Make Lotion Labels for Winter

[caption id="attachment_8162" align="alignleft" width="300"]lotion labels from Lightning Labels for healthy skin Make lotion labels that help promote healthy skin.[/caption]

It's a good idea to make lotion labels that emphasize skin care during the winter. Throughout cold-weather months, skin irritation is bound to occur. Hands can get dry and faces can become chapped from chilly wind. Use rectangle lotion labels to indicate how your product is beneficial during this time of year. Most consumers seek out lotion because they need it to soothe irritation. Make sure your label emphasizes how your product will help customers feel better. Since space on lotion labels is often limited, it's important to determine what aspect of your product you'd like to focus on. Often, underlining how your lotion will bring relief is the best way to make sales. This can be done through the use of imagery or thoughtful text.

Design Labels Specifically for Winter Lotion

Winter lotion labels may require a design that differs from products in summer. Use pictures that suggests how your lotion can provide relief for the discomfort consumers feel during this time of year. Natural symbolism is a good choice, whether this means depicting certain ingredients that are actually in product recipes, or providing a picture of a landscape. Because lotion combats dry skin, water-related representations are a good bet. Beach or jungle scenes remind customers of pleasant and warm environments. These images may also provide an escape from the sludge and sleet that are daily sights for most people in the U.S. during the winter. Rain is a nice metaphor for rejuvenation, since plants need hydration to live. Portraying photographs of dew on leaves and flower petals can indicate restorative properties. Choosing an effective bath and body label design can communicate much through imagery.

Be Informative in Lotion Labels for Winter

Lotion labels for winter should provide tips for keeping skin nourished during extreme cold. Applying lotion is an important part of a healthy skincare regime, but it's not the only thing customers can do to prevent dry, cracked hands and faces. For one thing, there may be less sun in the winter, but UV damage is still possible even at this time of year. People should use SPF products every day, not just in summer. A healthy diet also contributes greatly to glowing skin. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids are known to make skin appear healthier. Most important of all: advise consumers to drink the recommended eight glasses of water every day. Consumers may appreciate the tips for achieving skin comfort through alternative means.

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