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Meat Company Addresses Ingredient Concerns on Food Product Labels


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Meat Company Addresses Ingredient Concerns on Food Product Labels

Meatpacking Company Will Add New Words to Its Food Product Labels Cargill, one of the nation's largest meatpacking companies, will add a note on food product labels indicating which items contain "finely textured beef," The Associated Press reported. Other meat companies use the ingredient to achieve the correct balance of fat. However, several companies were forced to address its use on food label printing when ABC News referred to the ingredient as "pink slime" in a series of stories about one beef company, which eventually lost a great deal of business as a result, according to agriculture news website Farm and Dairy.

Cargill Discusses Finely Textured Beef on Custom Food Labels The company likely addressed the use of finely textured beef on its custom food labels as a result of ABC News' stories. To educate the public on this ingredient, Cargill created a website called Ground Beef Answers, which will present information about the safety of finely textured beef. The company has said that this product is completely safe for consumption. In addition, the ingredient, which is derived from beef trimmings, contains 100 percent real beef. By providing more information about these components, the company hopes to inform consumers who may have been turned off by ABC News' coverage.

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