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Ahead of National Chili Dog Day, Order Custom Labels

Ahead of National Chili Dog Day, Order Custom Labels

Ahead of National Chili Dog Day, Order Custom Labels. Get Your Product Labels Ready for National Chili Dog Day

Every year, July 30 is set aside to celebrate the humble chili dog, a particularly spicy and delicious breed of hot dog. If you're in the homemade chili business, there's no time like the present to get your product labels and stickers ready for National Chili Dog Day.

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, consumers in the United States purchase approximately 9 billion hot dogs at retail stores every year. However, the total number of hot dogs consumed by Americans every year is more than double this figure - a whopping 20 billion - thanks to the food's staple presence at sporting events, concerts, festivals and other public events, many of which are held during the summer months. In fact, you could say that summer is the season of the hot dog, although July 30 belongs to the chili dog and the chili dog alone.

Why Invest in Chili Dog Packaging?

National Chili Dog Day may be a momentous occasion, but ultimately, it's just one 24-hour period. With this in mind, is it really worth it to invest in special chili dog packaging in the run-up to the event, particularly when a lot of people don't even know it's happening? Simply put, yes. Custom labels created especially for the big day come with several advantages:

  • Boosting awareness among shoppers who would have no idea the holiday was approaching if they hadn't seen your food labels, but once they know, they quickly make plans to celebrate.
  • Making your brand seem plugged into the latest gastronomic trends and related happenings.
  • Encouraging consumers to associate your homemade chili with National Chili Dog Day, thereby making your product their first choice when they go shopping for buns, hot dogs, chili and other ingredients they need to observe the holiday.

With Food Labels, Quality Matters

The labels affixed to everything from shovels to shampoo give shoppers a sense of the product's standards, but it could be said that the quality of food labels is especially important. After all, people won't just be using edible items - they'll be consuming them. In the rush to capitalize upon the big day, some chili sellers may think they need to sacrifice quality for speed when creating custom stickers and labels for this year's National Chili Dog Day, but with Lightning Labels, there's no need to choose.

Following press approval, we can turn your order around in 48 to 72 hours, which will leave you with plenty of time to package your products for the occasion. Our high-quality labels feature vivid colors and crisp lines that will make your wares indistinguishable from those being sold by the big guys. While they may look just as professional as the stickers used by multinational food corporations, they're available at considerably lower minimums that are much more in line with your budget, which means there's no excuse not to promote National Chili Dog Day on your packaging.

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