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New Year, New Look for Your Custom Vape Labels

New Year, New Look for Your Custom Vape Labels

Ride The Wave of Vaping's Popularity

Every new trend reaches a moment of truth when it either expands into the mainstream or fades away. The vaping and e-cigarette market is taking the former path, meaning it's time to stake your place among this competitive and vibrant space. If your vape labels have gone some time without a visual overhaul, the new year may be your big chance to make a change and improve their presentation. You can make 2017 the year your products sprint ahead of the competition, powered by an exciting new look.

Catch Consumers' Eyes

Vaping is still in its relative youth. Customers may not yet have favorite brands of the related products - and this is a great opportunity for you to make a splash. E-juice labels that combine vibrant imagery with memorable logos and all the relevant information will leap off store shelves, convincing customers to give your brand a try and hopefully converting loyal brand advocates. In such a new, developing space, you're likely to encounter an arms race of brands unveiling bold and colorful designs. You'll need to have high-quality custom vape labels to stand out against this competition.

An unprofessional or poorly printed label may put your company at a disadvantage - wants to take a chance on a brand that looks amateurish. You need to show how serious you are about the quality of your vaping products through your packaging strategy. As vaping takes off in popularity, a hierarchy of brands will emerge, and you should do your best to ensure you have a place within the top rank.

To establish a distinctive and appealing branding strategy, pick an aesthetic and stick to it. This means choosing a material carefully. Do you want a shiny, futuristic look? Then try out a Chrome BOPP material that's both strong and eye-catching in its silvery sheen. Or maybe you want your customers to know your brand is responsible and eco-friendly? That calls for 100-percent recycled materials. The main connection between these two design extremes is that they're both available from Lightning Labels, a potential partner in your move up the ranks of the vaping market.

Time to Order New Labels

There are changes afoot in the e-juice label space. New regulations calling for notifications on packaging are moving toward implementation, and the competition is heating up. Only by refreshing your labeling strategy frequently and intelligently can you keep up with the many evolutions underway in the industry. This is why Lightning Labels makes a great ally: With its all-digital processes and domestic manufacturing facilities, Lightning Labels can react quickly and power your new strategies as they debut, no matter how quickly you want to pivot.

Are you a small boutique brand or a rising superpower in the vaping field? It doesn't matter - Lightning Labels can provide order sizes that suit either pole of the market, or any scale in between. An all-digital process means small orders are available at reasonable rates, as there's no need to work with expensive photogravure plates. No matter how many or few labels you need, you can launch your new strategy quickly.

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