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Nutraceutical Manufacturers Prepare for New Year Weight Loss Resolutions with Custom Labels

Nutraceutical Manufacturers Prepare for New Year Weight Loss Resolutions with Custom Labels

Make Sure Your Products Stand Out During Times of Demand

While weight loss is a year-round concern, the steely optimism of New Year's resolutions spurs plenty of extra attention. If your nutraceutical products focus on helping customers maintain a healthy body weight, January is your time to shine. However, competing brands will also be front and center after the New Year. It's up to you to keep your items' packaging as visually arresting as possible to win over curious consumers, and custom labels are an important element of this process.

Bold Designs Draw Eyes

Your nutraceutical labels should be clear about the purpose of your products, combining bright imagery and clear text to make a strong case for the items. People who make New Year's resolutions to lose weight may enter stores with an objective in mind, but no brand preference. These shoppers are your potential audience, and the better your products look, the more likely you are to convert them into loyal buyers.

Weight loss product labels have a brief window in January to shine especially bright. When people are just starting new regimens in the hopes of instituting a healthier lifestyle, your products should be there for them. If you miss this opportunity, shoppers may go with other brands, then stay loyal to them in the following months. If your items' labels catch their eyes, however, you could bring in a significant number of new customers.

Of course, while focusing on promoting the exciting benefits of your products on your labels, it's important to ensure they meet all industry regulations. Every revision of your designs should coincide with a close check to be certain that nutritional information is in line with applicable laws. When you work with a high-quality labeling partner, it's simple to have clear and legible ingredients and nutrition facts panels with plenty of room left over for bold, appealing branding.

Time to Order

Weight loss and other health product labels are at their best in January - and it's right around the corner. In fact, you may believe it's too late to create new designs for your brand's labels and get them on the shelves for the coming New Year crowd. There is still time, however, provided you work with an all-digital printing partner capable of getting high-quality labels on your desk in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months. This is the kind of service Lightning Labels promises. Fast and affordable shipping is a result of Lightning Labels' decision to use all domestic facilities instead of outsourcing orders overseas.

If you want your nutraceutical items to stand out in times of great demand, there's no better stage to shine on than the New Year's resolution season. Your products can be there with customers all the way as they chase their fitness goals in January and beyond. The battle for brand loyalty will be fought in store aisles, with shoppers picking between many different options. If your item is the most eye-catching version, your nutraceuticals stand a better chance of impressing consumers and becoming part of their regimen in the new year.

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