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Organizations Use Roll Stickers to Combat Underage Drinking


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Organizations Use Roll Stickers to Combat Underage Drinking

Roll Stickers Prevent Adults From Selling Alcohol to Minors Many businesses place roll stickers on beer and liquor to make adults reconsider before purchasing these items for underage teens. According to an article in local news source Big Country Homepage, local stores in Abilene, Texas are using yellow customized stickers on beer cases to remind consumers of the legal results of buying booze for minors. For instance, shoppers could be fined $4,000 for purchasing alcohol for underage drinkers. The stickers are sponsored by the Abilene Regional Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, which also created a survey that found 44 percent of students under 21 admit to drinking.

Custom Stickers Printing Can Help Reduce Underage Drinking Texans aren't the only ones using custom stickers printing to combat the problem of minors drinking. A program in Virginia uses the same sticker shock concept to warn adults of the consequences of providing minors with beer, wine and liquor.  The state-run program has been going strong since December 2002, gaining support of parents, youth and government officials to further its goal. According to the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the stickers warn consumers that buying alcohol for minors in the state can result in a $2,500 fine, a year-long license suspension or even jail time.

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