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Perennial Homestead Online Farm Store Offers ‘Simple Things for Special Days’

The Perennial Homestead family online farm store based in Omaha, NE supplies a year-around selection of locally crafted items and specialty goods. Co-founders Ali and Scott Yahnke note, “We aim to elevate your daily life and add magic to your special times. Or as we like to say, ‘Simple Things for Special Days.’”

Their website details the company’s history: “We started our business as Snowshoe Candy Co. in 2013, specializing in seasonal candies made with simple, quality ingredients. Our famous classic sea salt caramels have been the backbone of our business since the beginning and will continue to make a seasonal appearance in the winter months alongside a selection of our fan favorites including peanut brittle, caramel corn and chocolate caramel turtles. Featured in our online shop you’ll also find a curated selection of pantry goods like heirloom popcorn and baking mixes, honey and herb salts, as well as hand-crafted home goods like handmade linens, handcrafted ornaments, simple home décor, home-grown floral arrangements, vintage finds and well-made goods.”

Updating the brand to The Perennial Homestead in October 2020, the duo continued focusing on the “homestead lifestyle and the abundance that comes with it.” Notes Ali, “What our small candy company revealed to us is that we love to work with others and wanted to create a holistic storefront space that included all aspects of making your home a more welcoming place.”

All items featured in their online shop are carefully curated based on their materials and their makers or growers. Ali explains, “We source materials and ingredients grown with care for the environment and that are simple and natural. We work with a diverse group of farmers and artisans and are committed to paying them equitably to honor their skills and the goods they make. We believe that sourcing sustainably grown materials and ingredients and working with farmers and artisans will change the way we interact with the end-product. We hope that the products you buy from us become family heirlooms for years to come or seasonal traditions to share with each other.”

Their strategic aim has been to create products that complement their seasonal confections throughout the year. Ali says, “Our first new product was an herb salt line that we collaborated on with a farmer friend who couldn’t sell online. It was the perfect collaboration to launch into being a farm-to-table specialty food company. 

She points out that a favorite is their “everything from the heartland seasoning blend.” Lacking the ability to include poppy seeds as they didn’t find anyone growing them in the US, they replaced with chia seeds from a farm in Kentucky. Other popular herb items include various herb salts including best sellers rosemary, basil and garlic salts.

Perennial Homestead’s farm stand at the end of the couple’s driveway serves as a “testing spot for new things. We do smaller batches, then as we refine the process, we expand based on consumer demand,” Ali says. “The company sources as many ingredients as possible from local farmers. A prime example is local butter used for caramel confections.”

The couple also is passionate about packaging that’s health-friendly. Notes Ali, “Herb salts are in glass containers. We avoid plastic. It was difficult to find, but we found a few companies making what we want to fit our standards.”

Relationship with Lightning Labels, the custom food packaging label specialists

Ali emphasizes, “We’re very pleased with Lightning Labels. Before, we just printed the black-and-white labels ourselves on Kraft paper. Being able to display branding to feature all colors and make brands pop increased customer trust in our brand and reach. Two label materials, vellum and biostone, are great because they are durable and environmentally friendly. The vellum is recycled, and biostone is made from limestone, which looks and feels nice. The printing quality is great. We appreciate having a reliable partner that matches our core values.”

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