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Printing Custom Stickers Aids Tourists in Taipei

Printing Custom Stickers Aids Tourists in Taipei

City Government Helps Foreigners by Printing Custom Stickers

When traveling around Taiwan's capital city, tourists are now able to pick up a translation aid due to the city printing custom stickers. The Taipei government decided to create stickers for tourists to wear communicating that they do not know the language and might need help with directions, according to The Taipei Times. Foreigners traveling within the city can now pick up the blue stickers at 12 travel service centers around the city.

Chao Hsin-ping, the commissioner of Taipei City's Department of Information and Tourism, says 65 percent of tourists go to the travel centers just to ask for directions.

"Staff at the service centers used to write down the name of the destination and directions on memos for visitors who do not speak Chinese, and the sticker will help them get directions more easily," Hsin-ping told the newspaper.

Having Custom Stickers Made May Stop Translation Issues The government hopes that by having the custom stickers, more tourists will feel at ease within the city. There are both Chinese and English translations of the phrase "I am going to .... Thanks for guiding me" on the stickers.

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