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Protect Ice Cream & Frozen Products - Weather Resistant Labels

Protect Ice Cream & Frozen Products - Weather Resistant Labels

Ice Cream Labels Must Withstand the Cold

Everyone loves ice cream, but no one likes a mystery, which is what people may get if ice cream labels sustain damage and become unreadable because they aren't designed to withstand cold temperatures.

Temperature Resistant Labels for the Customer's Sake

Labels that are resistant to cold are a necessity for any ice cream producer if they want to best serve the customer, whether it's an ice cream shop or the people eating the frozen treats.

For ice cream shops, they need to be able to quickly find cartons of ice cream in the back. When the heat is on and people are piling through the doors of their local ice cream parlors, speed of service is key. If one carton of ice cream runs out, it needs to be replaced quickly and effectively. Failure to do so creates longer longs, which may affect customer loyalty and sales. In fact, Retail Customer Experience reported that half of customers will avoid a brand in the future if they have to wait longer than five minutes in line, while one-third will abandon the purchase.

If labels aren't designed to withstand wintry freezer conditions, they may suffer frost damage. This can make procuring the right carton more time-consuming, which in turn leads to longer lines. Ice cream producers need to ensure their labels can withstand cold conditions or else they may cause operational backups at ice cream shops.

If ice cream producers are selling straight to the end customer, labels are still important. These labels often contain nutrition information and ingredient lists, which may influence whether people purchase a product as well as how they consume it. Labels that aren't designed for cold conditions may wind up obscured and difficult to read.

Custom Labels for Ice Cream Producers

A lot of thought should go into the creation of any product label, but custom labels for ice cream are particularly important simply because of the adverse conditions in which the product is stored. Temperature resistant labels can go a long way in ensuring the lable remains intact, regardless of how long it's stored in a freezer. Lightning Labels offers labels with adhesive that will remain effective down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit and can even be applied to products at 23 degrees.

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