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Rev Up Custom Labels and Stickers for National Nutrition Month

Rev Up Custom Labels and Stickers for National Nutrition Month

[caption id="attachment_4997" align="alignleft" width="300"]Celebrate National Nutrition Month with new custom labels and stickers.[/caption]

Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, is encouraging manufacturers to celebrate National Nutrition Month in March with a new temporary packaging design.

Less than two months ago, millions of consumers placed healthy diet and exercise at the top of their New Year's resolution lists. While more than half of Americans set goals for 2013, an estimated 88 percent of all resolutions fail, according to a 2007 psychology study, as reported by The Washington Post.

While January is already in the rearview mirror and Valentine's Day came and went quickly, many consumers have already abandoned their year's goals. National Nutrition Month is a great time to help them get back on track with a healthy lifestyle that revolves around your products.

Invest In New Ideas for Packaging Without Sacrificing Bottom Line

National Nutrition Month is all about helping people make informed, healthy choices when it comes to eating and drinking. Lightning Labels wants brands to make smart choices too, especially when it comes to testing and investing in ideas for packaging.

"With the gift-giving holidays out of the way, brands can focus on unique, fun marketing opportunities," said AnneMarie Campbell,  Lightning Labels Business Development Manager. "National Nutrition Month is a great time to try new packaging and nutraceutical label design. Even though consumers may not have stuck to their resolutions, they're still as health-conscious as ever, and they're looking for products that help them achieve and maintain a more positive lifestyle. Brands should capitalize on this by incorporating National Nutrition Month into their stickers and labels. With Lightning Labels' digital printing, finding a fresh temporary or long-term look for product packaging is easy, affordable and enjoyable."

3 Ways to Incorporate Nutrition Awareness Into Product Stickers and Labels

National Nutrition Month is a great time to try something new with products' stickers and labels. When designing custom packaging that embraces health awareness, consider these three tips:

1. Add An Image or Two Placing an image on product labels is a great way to catch shoppers' attention in stores and online. As they browse through items, they're likely to spend more time examining and considering ones that have intriguing and unique photos or illustrations. These images may feature the healthy ingredients in a product or depict how the brand fits into an active lifestyle. Just remember to choose visual aspects that are discernible in small format and from far away!

2. Educate Consumers With Relevant and Relatable Text Because St. Patrick's Day and spring holiday preparations occur in March, consumers may not realize it's National Nutrition Month. This is the perfect chance to educate them and show that a company cares about their well-being. By explaining the importance of health and how a brand is relevant on the packaging, a manufacturer can increase brand recognition and reputation, boost customer relationships and ultimately fuel a loyal consumer following.

While health may be a serious topic, consider keeping text lighthearted, brief and original. Using a statistic is a great way to harness interest.

3. Don't Forget Nutraceutical Labels Nutrition month is a great time to jazz up nutraceutical labels. While strict laws govern what must be included in the Nutrition Fact Chart, consider adding a little color or a new font in the ingredients list to make products stand out. Emphasize healthy features like fiber or protein content and natural or organic ingredients.

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