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Soap Company has to Clean Up Custom Labels

Soap Company has to Clean Up Custom Labels

Custom Labels Found to Be Misleading
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, a California-based manufacturer of personal care soaps and oils, was recently investigated by the Food and Drug Administration regarding the company's custom labels, The Center for Consumer Freedom reported. According to the regulatory organization, the company's products were misbranded in multiple ways.

For example, the label claims the products can be used for treating coronary heart disease, but the FDA ruled there is no possible way for people who are not medical practitioners to treat this condition. Additionally, the FDA asserted that the claims made on Magic Soap labels would technically classify them as drugs, however, the brand did not take the proper steps to get the drugs approved by the administration.

As the news source noted, the whole ordeal is a bit embarrassing for Magic Soaps because the organization has been a big advocate of accurate labeling, as the company sources many of the ingredients used in its products ethically or uses fair trade certified variants.

Avoid Run-ins with Regulators
Companies that make a big deal about specific claims on their labels need to make sure these facts are accurate or they may wind up facing investigations from the FDA.

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