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Something Smells Fishy: Study Finds Standards for Sustainable Custom Label Sticker Lax

'Prestigious' Custom Label Sticker Takes Knock After Study Blasts It

Sustainability has become crucial for companies and consumers alike; one way the former is capitalizing on the green focus is by using custom label stickers that denote a product's environmental responsibility.

However, such labels have come under scrutiny recently after a scathing report was released that dented the credibility of one of the most respected sustainable certification and labeling organizations: the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

In the review, published in the scientific journal Biological Conservation, researchers took issue with MSC's inadequate standards for labeling and its upholding of only one of 19 objections lodged with the organization.

Research Dents Reputation for Custom Food Label Certifier
Researchers said the lax standards for custom food labels kept by the MSC resulted in mislabeled products that can confuse and mislead consumers, in respect to the true sustainability of the fish.

"The MSC's narrow definition of sustainability is out of step with the general public perception of what that term means," said Claire Christian, study co-author and policy analyst at the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition. "When the MSC labels a swordfish fishery that catches more sharks than swordfish 'sustainable,' it's time to re-evaluate its standards."