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Southeast Toyota Recalls Thousands of Vehicles Due to Incorrect Weight Custom Labels

Manufacturer's Custom Labels Misclassified Vehicle's Weight

Southeast Toyota's inaccurate custom labels have caused the vehicle-maker to recall 19 models across the country. According to, the vehicles were mislabeled regarding their weight limits and could result in structural instability or tire failures. The stickers were found to be outside of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 110, which requires the labels be accurate within 1 percent of added weight.

Inaccurate Car Stickers May Cause Injuries
In total, 7,389 vehicles were recalled as a result of the misclassified car stickers. Customers who see the weight labels may believe they can add heavier loads to the vehicles, possibly overloading the stabilizing elements or tires. The company is recalling the vehicles based on concern for the consumers who purchased one of the models, as they may be involved in an accident due to the weight misclassification.

Southeast Toyota is now obligated to include correct weight labels on all of the recalled vehicles and may need to develop additional methods for certain models, which might require more than just a new sticker.