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STOP! Hospital Uses Custom Stickers To Improve Security

STOP! Hospital Uses Custom Stickers To Improve Security

New Sticker Labels Part Of Bigger Enforcement Strategy

Sticker labels have often been used to denote security levels. "Top Secret" stickers are the stuff of legends in movies, and more practical stickers are affixed to security badges or ID cards to visibly show what clearance an individual holds.

However, one hospital in North Carolina is taking security stickers to the next level in order to improve its logistics with handling patient visitors. Cape Fear Valley Medical Center recently introduced new stickers that keep a better tab on visitors without added labor costs.

Degradable Custom Stickers New Security Measure The new custom stickers are required for any hospital visitor - either personal or professional - who are given an identification badge upon entering the hospital. The badge features a new degradable sticker technology used to alert hospital security as to when a visitor's allotted time has expired. The sticker on a badge will wear away until it is gone and only a stop sign symbol is left on the visitor pass, indicating either 12 or 24 hours - the duration of a pass - has elapsed.

A spokesperson said the new stickers were not a reaction to any specific threat, but part of a larger security overhaul that caused the hospital to also close a number of visitor entrances.

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