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SunSoaker Portable Solar Device Charger Scores With Consumers And The Environment

SunSoaker Portable Solar Device Charger Scores With Consumers And The Environment

Zero Waste Packaging, Zero Waste Flexible Solar Powers Personal Electronics, Wearable Technologies

SunSoaker checks all the boxes for a green product, from zero waste packaging to zero waste power using only sunlight. The handy 5W and 10W weather-resistant chargers power up such products as smartphones, power packs, Bluetooth speakers, and other small USB devices. It’s a lightweight, durable thin-film solar panel with built-in USB port that rolls up conveniently into a small tube.

Notes SunSoaker Director of Sales Nate Hantgin, “The sun generates more energy in an hour than the Earth can consume in one year!  SunSoaker captures this energy to power the myriad of consumer electronic devices we depend upon, and it does it as fast as a wall outlet. We offer the lightest weight and most durable solar panels on the planet.”

SunSoaker is perfect for everything outdoors from the beach to boat and parks to picnics. And SunSoaker can be used in cars and indoors as long as there’s enough sunlight. Cars with heavily tinted windows or indoor settings without direct sunlight may not provide adequate rays.

He adds that customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction about product quality and durability, with manufacturing in Japan and design/assembly in Texas. Nate points out that it’s extremely versatile, accommodating students, campers, hikers, search and rescue professionals, survivalists, environmentalists, soldiers, and more.

A larger-scale product for additional consumer and commercial purposes is currently being developed.

SunSoaker is ramping up its marketing and sales presence. The product is included in the Spring edition of Texas Lifestyle Magazine and plans to run infomercials this summer in select cable markets; along with commercials on streaming TV’s The Hunt Channel. SunSoaker also is slated to debut at six Signature stores for T-Mobile.

Relationship with Lightning Labels, the Custom Label Specialist

Nate says customers have consistently expressed satisfaction with product presentation and attention paid to the preservation of the environment. “The labels and zero waste packaging have had unanimous positive reviews.  Before testing the product, every potential customer has commented that they really like the packaging,” notes Nate.

Nate gives high marks to the quality of the custom labels and the customer support behind them. He notes, “John Ament was fantastic to work with. He was very timely, thorough, and responsive. The product itself looks to be of high quality.”

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