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Supporting American Heart Month

Supporting American Heart Month

AmericanHeartMonthHow Will You Observe American Heart Month?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 610,000 American citizens pass away due to heart disease each year, accounting for a quarter of all deaths on average annually. This makes the disease the single biggest killer of the population, while the CDC also pointed out that very few people - roughly 27 percent of Americans - are aware of the full range of heart disease's effects, rather than only associating chest pain with the affliction.

If you are a food manufacturer or distributor, you should consider taking the time this February to observe and support American Heart Month, which is meant to raise awareness of the fundamental facts about the disease among the population. As is the case with any illness, awareness and education, along with early education, are among the most important weapons against a continuous spread. With nutrition information labels, you can contribute to this righteous cause.

What to Consider

Regardless of which types of products you make and sell, you can use custom food labels to not only make customers aware of the benefits of your items with respect to heart health, but also ensure consumers know about American Heart Month. Healthy food labels on products that are specifically created and sold to help individuals follow their wellness programs are ideal, but you can even make ones that are entirely centered around the month of observance.

From a marketing standpoint, any opportunity align the brand name with a major, national event should be taken, as such an activity can instantly boost visibility and trust in the marketplace, leading to stronger revenue as a result. Food product labels should be highly accurate with respect to the ingredients for safety purposes, but once that component has been completed, it is best to make the items stand out on the shelves with more unique stickers.

Get the Job Done

With February already underway, you will need to get moving on projects related to custom nutrition labels and stickers that promote awareness of American Heart Month. So long as you can get these initiatives moving swiftly soon, Lightning Labels can ensure that your orders are completed in a timely fashion, and that your products will be endowed with expertly printed stickers and labels.

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