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Customer Spotlight: Smax Custom Vaping Product Labels

Customer Spotlight: Smax Custom Vaping Product Labels

Customer Spotlight: Smax Custom Vaping Product LabelsSmax foregos fad flavors for classic taste

That’s probably not a claim that would come to mind immediately in the world of vaping and e-liquids. But, it’s at the heart of the e-liquid manufacturer’s operating philosophy.

Another differentiating factor is Smax’s e-liquid dispensed in an airless pump. Notes Smax co-founder Tyra Pham, “It was intended to provide convenience in a stylized compact bottle since all e-liquids at the time were contained in Boston round bottles with generic droppers and were messy when applied in moving conditions.”

She adds, “I was introduced to e-liquids by a few friends who got involved in the vaping industry back in 2014 and randomly met co-founder Roni Nisnisan, a talented e-liquid mixologist. I noticed that his flavors were much better than what was out there. We have a timeless brand, whereas 99% of vaping products are made to sustain for a temporary amount of time. Our flavors are classic and unique so we never fall into those fad flavor categories.”

The notoriety of the pump style bottle has largely driven the company’s social media-centric marketing. Notes Tyra, “It easily caught the attention of vapers. I began posting images on Instagram and that has still been my main channel of sharing content. We have never spent a dime on advertising. All of our advertising comes from people taking photos of our products and tagging us in them on social media channels. Social media is the only tool I use to introduce products to the market, and the rest is just building meaningful relationships with customers and people in and out of the industry.”

Relationship with Lightning Labels, the Custom Vaping Product Label Specialist

Tyra explains, “Lightning Labels has helped with the flavoring and warning labels on the cap and back of the Smax bottle. We have used Lightning Labels for everything manufactured for our other brands, RNR Vapors and Stryker Juices. It’s been such a pleasant experience working with Peggy that I wouldn’t trade it for a better discount from other label manufacturers. Peggy has remedied every issue, and we’ve developed such a valued trusting relationship together that I wouldn’t go anywhere else for labels in the future.”

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