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The Monster Issue For Beverage Custom Label Products

The Monster Issue For Beverage Custom Label Products

Caffeine Content Now On Energy Drink Custom Label Products

Concerns over the safety of energy drinks has led manufacturers to display caffeine content on their custom label products for the first time. According to the New York Times, Monster Beverage and Rockstar Energy have decided to redesign their brands through disclosing elements of their ingredients on the labels and redefining themselves as beverage producers. Recent studies have linked energy drinks with potential health risks, and a current lawsuit against Monster regarding the death of a teenage girl has brought the issue of safety to the forefront of consumer minds.

By displaying the amount of caffeine in their products, Monster and Rockstar hope to dissuade any consumer fears about their beverages and show that their drinks are no more dangerous than coffee or soda.

Energy Drinks Not Legally Mandated To Have Custom Printed Products There is currently no legislation requiring energy drinks to have printed products with warnings despite investigations into numerous deaths and injuries linked to the products. The New York Times reports Monster plans to keep fighting the lawsuits and will take action against defamatory statements made by consumers.

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