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Three sisters turn beeswax into ‘balmy’ business

Three sisters turn beeswax into ‘balmy’ business

Lightning Labels client Sweet Bee Sisters showcases young entrepreneurs and their lip balm flagship product

In 2009, three young sisters discovered that the beeswax byproduct of the Warren family’s beekeeping business could be turned into lip balms with natural ingredients and great consistency. A decade later, the Colorado trio of Lily (18), Chloe (16) and Sophie (14) are making a big buzz in the marketplace with their flagship lip balms plus lotion bars, sugar scrubs, pet products, deodorant sprays and men’s facial care products.

Custom-labeled lip balms and corporate gift sets are growing in popularity as the sisters focus on custom projects and partnerships in addition to a thriving retail and online presence. Notes Lily, “Our primary expansion for 2019 will manifest in new corporate partnerships, which allow us to reach a large audience while enabling our partner brands to promote and support bee-awareness.”

Sweet Bee Sisters is also dedicated to their Sweet Bee Sisterhood sales and training initiative. Lily points out, “The Sweet Bee Sisterhood is enabling young girls to become sales representatives of Sweet Bee Sisters products, giving them a source of income while they’re kids!  Additionally, the Sisterhood will equip them with invaluable life skills—including financial literacy and communication—that will serve them throughout life.”

Sweet Bee Sisterhood is actually grounded in paying it forward. Lily says, “Our parents thought a lip balm business would be a wonderful learning experience.  We ordered all the necessary items to produce our lip balms on a larger scale and we were off and running! Now, we’re passing this on to other young people.”

Their business philosophy and fame were documented in 2016 New York Times article: “Another successful business affiliated with the Young Americans Center for Financial Education and Young Americans Bank is Sweet Bee Sisters…Their products are sold online and in 15 stores in Denver, as well as at farmers’ markets and through representatives who make sales calls at large companies during the holidays…A priority for the Warrens is to encourage and mentor other children. ‘Whether it’s business or sports, or whatever kids want to pursue, they can totally do it,’ Lily Warren said.”

Relationship with Lightning Labels, the custom lip balm label digital printing specialist

Lily prioritizes the importance of their lip balm product labels, emphasizing that, “Our labels are a reflection of who we are as a company and are often the first thing our customers see. It’s very important for us to keep a simple ingredients-base throughout all of our products, to point credit back to the bees who bestow our wax, and to highlight the incredible movement of youth entrepreneurship. Our labels help convey these messages seamlessly.”

She adds, “Our work with Lightning Labels has been wonderful and their contribution to our business has become fundamental to our success. They continually cater to our needs and go the extra mile to ensure our complete satisfaction.  The people at Lightning Labels are kind, generous, and excellent at their craft.  We are so grateful for their dedicated contribution to our brand.”

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