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Keep Toxic Products Out of Children With Warning Labels

Keep Toxic Products Out of Children's Hands - Custom Warning Labels

Warning LabelsWarning Labels Keeps Children Clear of Hazardous Products

Although many household products are not dangerous to use, they can be hazardous or toxic for children who don't know any better than to avoid them, so warning labels can help product manufacturers keep children safe.

There are several different items that are frequently in households that possess a tremendous amount of danger to children, a report from Birmingham Children's Hospital explained. The biggest threats include bleach (which can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea), turpentine (which causes nervous system depression), household cleaning products (which cause gastrointestinal upset and irritation of oral mucosa) and various alcohols used in spirits, perfume and mouthwash (which can lead to central nervous system depression).

For adults, improperly using these products is an afterthought because they've grown accustomed to them over the years. For children, however, the threat is very real and both their parents and manufacturers must use labels to convey how dangerous a product can be.


Symbols are Key for Toxic Product Labels

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers encounter when trying to make toxic product labels for children is that many of them don't know how to read. In that case, graphic symbols such as a skull and crossbones or depicting other injuries can get the point across in a manner anyone can understand.

By making hazards more apparent on the label, companies can also ensure parents are well aware of the dangers of specific products. If manufacturers do a better job of conveying the danger of items to parents, they may encourage adults to keep the products in question stored out of reach of children and in otherwise safe places.

Toxic product labels are critical for promoting awareness. The right text can ensure parents know all of the dangers improper use can pose to their children, while graphic images may encourage children not to touch products they aren't supposed to.


Create Custom Warning Labels to Improve Awareness

Organizations looking to prevent their products from getting into the hands of children should utilize custom warning labels. This way, companies can design the perfect sticker that conveys all the dangers of misusing a product via both text and graphic images.

The right label can play a pivotal role in discouraging children from utilizing products they aren't supposed to, but it's up to companies to create that label.

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