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Make Your Small Business Stand Out This Year

Use Custom Labels and Stickers to Prepare for Small Business Saturday

Make Your Small Business Stand Out This Year

Small Business Saturday falls on November 26 this year. How are you getting ready? It's important to get the word out and not let this marvelous marketing opportunity pass you by. People will be actively looking for local companies to support, and it's up to you to ensure that they pick yours.

Turning curious browsing shoppers into repeat customers is a multi-step process, and this year, custom labels and stickers can help you at every stop along the way. You can use custom stickers to promote your brand and small businesses in general in the run-up to Small Business Saturday, then hand them out to customers to keep eyes on your company for much longer. There's still time to make these preparations if you act now.

Refresh Labels and Stickers Now

It's always a good time to refresh your product branding, but Small Business Saturday is an especially opportune moment. People will be out and about considering which brands to buy from. If you use a new labeling strategy that plays up your local roots and small company bona fides, it will make shoppers feel better about making a purchase. Once they've bought something once, they'll ideally come back often. The window to make that first sale may be very narrow, so it's good to ensure your customized labels look great this Small Business Saturday.

What kind of imagery makes a good custom label? That will vary widely depending on what type of products you sell. A few general principles ring true all the time, however. You may want to use pictures that play up your local roots, with regional landmarks or recognizable symbols. You can also use text to tell your story, provided you work with a label provider that can deliver attractive, high-quality products. No matter which visual look you go with, its impact will decrease if the actual printing is substandard.

Hand Out Stickers

Small Business Saturday gives you another avenue to turn browsing shoppers into longtime advocates for your brand. If you hand out attractive bumper stickers adorned with local imagery or pro-small-business messages, you may convince consumers to spread your company's name far and wide on their cars, computers or anything else that will serve as a good canvas for stickers. As long as you order bumper stickers from an effective print partner with access to tough materials, they can last for a long time. Make the designs aesthetically pleasing, and you'll make the choice to apply the stickers easy for your customers.

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