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Using Stickers and Labels to Promote Your Business Brand

Using Stickers and Labels to Promote Your Business Brand

Create Custom Labels and Sticker Designs

There are many ways you can creatively market your brand with custom labels and stickers. Stickers are a great way to remind customers about your business product and services. Creative, bold designs draw the readers' attention toward the brand image and unique design elements like funky fonts and shapes can direct consumers back to the business motto. Try turning your business card into a sticker - this is a good idea to label client packages in case your customers need to contact you for further details. You can also print stickers with the brand name to label folders and document proposals for clients and keep papers organized in house. We love the idea of custom printed business stickers that display a company logo to seal packages with or use them as a frequent shopper reward.

Use Special Business Events and Functions to Pass Out Your Custom Stickers Custom stickers are a great marketing tool, but you need to get them into the hands of established customers as well as potential customers and business partners. Some easy places employers can promote their businesses at might be the grand opening or open house of a business, school functions and trade shows your company might participate in. Handing out stickers to customers who purchase the product or service a company should be a go-to marketing and promotional method.

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