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Washington Will Consider Proposal To Require GMO Labels


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Washington State Will Consider Proposal To Require GMO Food Labels

Latest State To Focus On Food Labels

Most thought the fight for food labels on genetically modified foods would lose steam after the November elections. California voters failed to pass Proposition 37, which would have required labels be affixed to foods that were genetically engineered. However, if anything, support for GMO labeling has only grown as legislators in Connecticut and New Mexico recently voiced their own intentions to consider the labeling debate.

Add Washington to that growing list of states that will take legal consideration of GMO food labels. Multiple news outlets have reported state supporters are preparing to file a proposal that would support GMO labeling with the Secretary of State in Olympia.

Second Go-Around For GMO Labels in the State State Initiative I-522 would require companies put labels on foods they produce through genetic engineering methods. The Seattle Times reported supporters have gathered around 340,000 signatures for the initiative, well above the 241,153 needed to be considered a certified initiative by state legislators.

Opponents maintain GMO labeling would raise prices and incite false panic, while supporters say consumers have a right to know what is in the foods they ingest.