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What is the difference between PET and paper liners?

PET or polyethylene terephthalate, is a thin clear polymer material used in many products and industry applications, including pressure sensitive product label films and liners.  PET liners are stronger, thinner, and lighter; there less waste in production and application; more labels fit on a same-sized roll and It’s resistant to moisture, nicks and tears in label production.  For imaging and finishing processes, PET enables more accurate and reliable die cutting and it can be fed faster.

Paper liners work better in many application environments and uses; they are thicker than PET liners which makes it easier to handle especially when removing labels one at a time by hand.  Paper liners are also easy to tear and there’s no need for scissors.

Lightning Labels has inventory of both PET and paper liners in stock and ready for your next label project.

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