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Printing Basics

What is the minimum number of labels I need to order?
50 labels for each version of artwork. However, you can mix and match quantities in the same order (e.g., 50 of label A and 150 of label B), while still gaining...
Is there a minimum order value?
Yes, there is a minimum order value of $250 per item per every order.
What kind of materials can you print on?
We carry over a dozen labeling materials for you to choose from, including several eco-friendly materials such as BioStone, Recycled Kraft and Recycled Vellum . ...
What is the difference between BOPP and Lip Balm BOPP?
Our BOPP and Lip Balm BOPP materials have the same face stock properties; they are both water and oil resistant. Our lip balm BOPP material has a more aggressive...
What standard sizes do you have?
Keep in mind that we do not carry "pre-cut" labels — everything we print is custom produced and die-cut after it is printed. We have a large and ever-expanding ...
What are the lamination options?
Labels generally look better and are more durable with a laminate. A laminate can give your label a gloss or matte finish and it provides a protective layer between...
Will my custom labels come on rolls or on sheets?
By default, our labels are produced on rolls with standard 3" cores. This lets you choose whether or not to apply your labels by machine or by hand. We also have...
I've never had to produce labels before - where do I start?
Feel free to download and print our white paper, "An Introduction to Product Labeling". It should answer many of your questions.
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