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Juice Bottle Labels

High-Quality Juice Bottle Label Printing

Lightning Labels' advanced printing technique allows impactful use of color that will accurately represent the unique taste of your product.

Whether you want to use bright hues for acai and goji berry power smoothies or green tones for enhanced tea beverages, our printing services really allows colors to pop on labels for juice bottles. Lightning Labels carries many material types and laminate finishes to allow your graphics to strike just the right note, ensuring that custom juice bottle labels will turn out beautifully. Take full advantage of our label printing options when you create your own labels for juice bottles.

With water-resistant BOPP, juice bottle labels will withstand condensation from going in and out of the fridge or freezer as well as trips to the gym or the yoga studio. A laminate will further prevent colors in graphics from losing their luster, and applying a glossy laminate provides an ultra-chic appearance. Lightning Labels also provides a matte finish. This laminate option creates a classic look. Lightning Labels provides a material and finish for bottle labels to suit every line of beverages.

Our Custom Labels for Juice Products Are Made with High-Quality Materials

Lightning Labels combines state-of-the-art printing technology with a variety of label materials for every purpose to create the perfect custom product label. Our printing process allows us the flexibility to print multiple designs on the same label material at no extra cost.

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Lightning Labels has been servicing the needs of our customers for over 18 years. We are extremely proud of our BBB rating (A+) and guarantee your custom label buying experience with us will be a positive one.

Lightning Labels delivers unmatched benefits and value including:

  • Versatile printing capabilities
  • Quick turnaround for digitally printed orders (after proof approval)
  • Low minimums and no maximums
  • Superior quality and service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free ground shipping for online orders in US and Canada
  • No set-up fees, no plate fees, and no added fees for unlimited color on digitally printed orders
  • Free printed press proof or PDF proof with every label order (shipping charges apply)

Make your juice bottle products stand out with custom labels, printed stickers and custom bumper stickers from Lightning Labels. Simply visit our get a quote page to receive an instant online quote now! You can also visit our free samples page and order free label material samples.

Eye-Catching Juice Bottle Labels

High quality custom juice bottle labels that will give your products an edge over the competition

Whether you're labeling water, juice, wine, or beer, our high quality custom labels are just what you need for your beverage brand. Lightning Labels provides high-quality labels with custom ingredients and instructions in small, easy-to-read text.

Our custom beverage labels are designed to be eye-catching and visually appealing, ensuring that your products stand out on the shelves. With our state-of-the-art printing technology, we can create labels that are vibrant, durable, and water-resistant, perfect for any type of beverage packaging.

Waterproof BOPP Material

Choose from white or ultra-clear BOPP plastic that ensures your labels remain waterproof and resilient. Ideal for juice bottles, these materials keep your labels looking fresh and professional, even under refrigeration.

Strong Adhesive & Finish Options

Our labels come with a strong adhesive that guarantees a secure fit on your juice bottles, available in both matte and glossy finishes. Select the perfect style to complement your brand and enhance the bottle's visual appeal.

Vibrant, Advanced Printing

Experience colors that pop with our advanced printing technology. The vibrancy and clarity of your custom juice bottle labels ensure they stand out on the shelf, attracting customers with their professional look.

Trusted Experience:

Proudly serving for over 18 years with an A+ BBB rating.

Commitment to Quality:

Enjoy a positive experience with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fast and Efficient:

  • Quick turnaround times once proofs are approved.
  • Free ground shipping across the US and Canada.


  • No minimum order requirements—order as many or as few as you need.
  • No hidden fees: free setup, no plate fees, and unlimited color at no extra charge.

Proofing Options:

Choose between a free printed press proof or a PDF proof for each order (shipping charges for printed proofs).

Easy Ordering:

Get an instant quote through our online quoter or request free sample materials to see the quality firsthand.

How can we electrify your project?

Get a free consultation with a label expert, right here in our production facility.

FAQs About Custom Juice Bottle Labels:

What are custom juice bottle labels?

Custom juice bottle labels are specialized labels designed for branding and providing information on juice bottles.

They are tailored to meet specific marketing and packaging requirements, featuring vibrant colors, various materials, and customizable designs to enhance the visual appeal and practicality of juice products.

What are the best materials for labels on juice bottles?

The best materials for juice bottle labels are those that can withstand moisture and varying temperatures. BOPP plastic is highly recommended because it is waterproof, oil-resistant, and durable, making it ideal for juice bottles that are refrigerated or need to resist condensation.

What shapes of labels work best for juice bottles?

Popular label shapes for juice bottles include wrap-around labels, which offer ample space for branding and nutritional information, and custom shapes that can be tailored to the contour of the bottle. Oval, square, and rectangle labels are also common, providing a clean and classic look that suits various bottle designs.

How should I apply labels to juice bottles by hand?

To apply labels by hand, start by ensuring that the surface of the bottle is clean and dry. Peel the label from its backing and align it with the desired position on the bottle.

Start from one edge and smooth the label onto the surface, working your way to the other side to avoid air bubbles. For a perfect fit, apply the label at room temperature.

Are there labels that are both waterproof and oil-proof for juice bottles?

Yes, we offer labels that are both waterproof and oil-proof, ideal for juice bottles that may be exposed to moisture and oil.

These labels are made from materials like BOPP, which provide excellent resistance to environmental factors, ensuring that the labels maintain their integrity and appearance over time.

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